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Washington State Licensed Inspector

As of September 2009,  all experienced home who desired to be grandfathered under the Home Inspection law had to meet the requirements. Our Inspector, Rick Bunzel has met all the requirements for licensing (Washington Home Inspector License #312)  He adds the home inspector license to his credentials of ASHI Certified Inspector (#249557) and NAHI Certified Real Estate Inspector (#200435) . All Pacific Crest Inspection reports meet and exceed the Washington State Home Inspector’s Standard of Practice

Pacific Crest Inspections has been a part of The Washington Home Inspectors Legislative Advisory Group (WHILAG) since its inception. WHILAG is a coalition of home inspectors who are members of major national home inspectors’ associations, as well as state-affiliated associations and franchises, and independent home inspectors. The coalition was established in 2005. Members are experienced, licensed per current Washington State Department of Agriculture  (WSDA) regulations, and are in communication with respective associations and affiliations.

What licensing does

  • Keeps licensing criteria substantial enough to ensure protection of the public, and quality within the profession without limiting individuals from entering the profession;
  • Presents a workable solution for separating structural pest inspectors from home inspectors and does not require dual licensing;
  • Does not promote any one home inspection association or any special interest group;
  • Establishes a home inspectors’ board under the direction of the Department of Licensing, made up of experienced home inspectors and one member at large;
  • Establishes procedures for legal recourse when home inspectors do not follow licensing requirements and/or the standards of practice and ethics requirements developed by the licensing board.

Keeping Things in Perspective

All homes have problems. The question is what and how serious are the problems. We know the difference between serious and “not so serious” problems and will communicate that difference to you. Pacific Crest Inspections will meet or exceed all the licensing requirements in Washington State.