How do our prices compare??? Are you getting the best value for your money? Do you want the cheapest inspector…….

two story brick home for price comparison

Finding the cheapest price on a six-pack of Diet Coke is always good. But looking for the cheapest price on a service, particularly one as important as the condition of your most expensive purchase is always bad. Compare inspector credentials (training and experience) to determine who has the best qualifications. Compare what previous clients have to say Here first about their experiences with their previous home inspector.

I know that buying a home can be a stressful endeavor, and to add to the frustration it seems you are constantly writing an endless amount of checks to everyone that drains your spirit, let alone your wallet. I almost always know when someone is at their wits end and picking a home inspector by price; their very first question is,”What do you charge for a home inspection?”. I agree, that is a normal first question when we shop. It is our culture to compare prices. The cheapest price is like a badge of honor that invokes admiration from your peers.

The high cost of buying a home may tempt you to save money by skipping a home inspection or going with the cheapest inspector. Bad choice! An inspection by Pacific Crest Inspections may prove that your dream house is really a nightmare. Or, it can provide the ammunition you need to negotiate a fair price. Truth is, an inspection is likely the biggest bargain you’ll encounter buying a home, and the home inspector is the only person below who works exclusively for you. We know the homes in Anacortes, Bellingham, Burlington, Camano Island, Ferndale, Mount Vernon, Sedro Woolley and Oak Harbor which will help you when your evaluating the purchase of a new home.

Compare a home inspection to average closing costs for a $200,000 mortgage to a borrower putting 25% down. The inspection fee below is a typical one charged by Pacific Crest Inspections for a 1,200sqft home. Our fees varies based on house size, age and amenities.

Click to view 3 pages of an under $200 inspection report. Having a hard time trying to understand the handwritten comments on those pages? Do you see any inspection photos? Do you think this kind of report is useful? Brochures from “low cost” Washington inspectors can be found in many real estate agency offices. Do you think when real estate agents buy a house for themselves they will use one of those home inspectors? What’s the alternative to a quick, cheap, practically useless inspection and handwritten (difficult to decipher) checklist report? Here is one of ours , the difference is pretty apparent

First time buyer? Your information can be found here Our Home Buyers Roadmap can be found here
Want more information on closing costs? Check for its national survey of average closing costs, from which the fees above were taken. Print its checklist to log your own closing costs, for comparison. And be aware that borrowers have a right to review closing papers the day before closing.

Happy hunting for the very best deal on buying your new home!

*Base Price Actual prices may be higher based on size, age, and location