Most Frequent House Problems

house listing problems found - cutaway diagram
  • Improper Surface Grading/Drainage
    Water penetration is by far the most frequently found problem.

  • Roof Damage
    Leakage, caused by old or damaged shingles and improper installation.

  • Heating Systems
    Broken or malfunctioning operation of controls, blocked chimneys and unsafe exhaust disposal.

  • Structurally Related Problems
    Structural components such as foundation walls, floor joists, rafters, girder beams, window and door headers.

  • Plumbing
    Existence of old and incompatible piping materials, as well as faulty fixtures and waste lines.

  • Exteriors
    Water and air penetration, inadequate caulking and/or weatherstripping are the most common culprits.

  • Improper Electrical Wiring
    Includes such situations as insufficient electrical service to the house, inadequate overload protection, and amateur, often dangerous wiring connections.

  • Poor Overall Maintenance
    Demonstrated by such signs as cracked, peeling, or soiled surfaces, crumbling masonry, makeshift wiring or plumbing.