Hall Of Shame or Are you Serious?

This is our hall of shame. We have collected these pictures over the past 9 years both from our own inspections and other inspectors. We hope you enjoy them.

Shame – Page #2 Furnace fireplace, chimney and roof issues
Shame – Page #3 Plumbing

New Construction Issues

joists hanging because they are too short

Builder cut these joists short and didn’t connect them. Found in crawl space.

missing and inadequate bracing in attic

Have no clue what this builder was thinking and even worse how the building inspector overlooked this.

poor bracing in attic

Long rafter span that really needed engineered trusses. Referred to a structural engineer

truss repair done badly

On upper right the framers fixed this engineered truss which changes its strength.

truss cut to fit drain pipe

The framers wasn’t paying attention to the blueprints and \ the shower drain ended up directly over a floor truss. Rather than slow the job down, the floor joisted was “notched”. Building inspector should have caught this.

beam missing

Almost got the beam under the rafters. Does 50% right count?

notch cut in trusses for vent

This was a dryer vent that was creatively run. While I give the installer points for the solid pipe, they did take a sawzall to the rafters to make it fit

beam in concrete wall

The floating beam. “We don’t understand why we are getting cracks in our walls”? The builder could have built up the pocket with a layer of mortar or add metal shims.

missing truss plates

These little metal plates are really important and this truss has very little strength when its gone!

plumbing cut through beam under house

This was found in a pre-drywall inspection. Two floor joists were compromised in this installation.

water pipe spraying water into crawlspace

Priceless!!! – couple of issues, the most obvious the missing P-trap but the second is the block wall. I guess they were short and needed to complete the wall with what was available. Where was the general contractor?

column nearly missing plinth

Saw this on a 1 year warranty inspection. All the piers were pour properly except this one. It was so far off the framers had to pull the column over but could only get 25% on it on the edge of the pier.

beam cut too much to allow pex to pass through

This was a bearing wall and the plumber had to run a few water lines. One or two holes is ok but 16 to 20 really reduced the strength of the beam.

attic without insulation

New house in Anacortes. This was the area over the master bedroom. Someone forgot to insulate the entire attic area. House had been given final sign off by building dept.

exhaust vents fully capped closed

Capped vents. Plumber forgot to remove these after inspection. These would cause slow drains and gurgling.

ridge beam

House had a slight list so builder added steel beams to straighten the home. As a buyer wouldn’t you want to know this???

misaligned post only connected with half hardware

Oops – bolts didn’t line up with post so two bolts will have to do!

joist which was nearly cut through

Not sure what they were trimming but they went a little too deep and cut halfway through the floor joist.

water leaking through corner of wall

Builder didn’t seal the outer wall and probably should have installed perimeter drain system.

deck steps misaligned and barely attached

“Well the stairs are pretty close and if we add this backer plate it will be alright” Nope, this is a safety item – put too much weight on it and you got real problems.


Builder always call inspectors picky when we call them on leaving wood scraps in the crawl space. Here is a good example on what happens to wood.

I don’t even want to speculate what form of biological it was!

glass block window without frame

No flashing. The only thing that will prevent water from getter behind this homes siding will be caulk. Not good!

support beam drilled through

Solid Beam cut away by homeowner??

support beam drilled multiple times for piping

Plumber needed through beam rather than around it!

support beam drilled almost completely out

Large Cut outover a doorway in the beam.

beam cut to make room for garage door track

Notched concrete beam with lots of cracks!!

Existing Homes

half a cinder block used as support beam under house

Cinderblocks – 101 uses.

firewood used as support beam under house

Firewood not exactly straight cut!

support beam slipping from plinth

Not much support left

split support column under house

This post split right down the middle!

attic ladder held together with zip ties

Weight limit 25lbs!!!!

dangerous attic ladder

The used the 12 penny nails recommended but didn’t nail into anything solid!!

Shame – Page #2 Furnace fireplace, chimney and roof issues
Shame – Page #3 Plumbing