The Pacific Crest Inspections 90 Day Warranty

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Pacific Crest  Inspections offers a comprehensive home inspection that combines a professional home inspection with the security of a home warranty plan.  No home is perfect.  That’s why home buyers have come to depend on comprehensive inspections.  Our inspectors will examine hundreds of aspects of the home’s condition to identify actual and potential concerns. Our home warranty provides a guarantee that if the mechanical or structural systems do break in the 90 days following the inspection, they will be repaired* with NO deductible fee. It’s a service contract that helps protect the buyer against the mechanical breakdown of covered systems and appliances in the home after the home’s inspection.

*Subject to specific limitations. See contract for details

90 Day Warranty Description of items covered

Included with your home inspection is a 90-day limited home warranty. Effective January 1st, 2007, a warranty is provided by the American Home Warranty Company. Your inspector will hand you your signed warranty form at the inspection. Keep it for your records.

Read the Warranty in PDF format, click…. Warranty

The 90-day limited home warranty is effective from the date of the home inspection for a period of 90 days. If closing should occur after the expiration of the 90-day period, the warranty will extend to 21 days following closing.

What is covered? Drain lines, gas lines, faucets, electrical, heating, air conditioning, poured concrete foundations, water heater, floor joists, framing, roof structure, roof covering, load-bearing walls, garage doors, range, oven, dishwasher, microwave oven. All coverages are subject to the exclusions and terms set forth in the warranty in detail.

What if something goes wrong? Send a written notification to the American Home Warranty Company describing the problem. Send a copy of the itemized estimate or repair bill. Send a copy of the inspection report. Send your signed warranty form. Then claims will be processed.

Exceptions: The warranty is available for full home inspections only. The warranty is not available if the inspection fee is reduced or discounted. The warranty is not available if the property is already covered by a warranty provided by the seller or owner. The warranty is not available for new construction inspections. The warranty is not available for multi-unit inspections. The warranty is not provided for an owners (or seller) of a property unless for a pre-listing inspection.

We purchase these warranties from American Home Warranty. More Policy information