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Litigation Support

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Inspector - Litigation Support

Pacific Crest Inspections provides expert testimony in cases involving homes or commercial structures. Pacific Crest Inspections’ comprehensive, diverse and direct experience in these matters is based on years of experience in the home inspection profession and Rick Bunzel’s service on the advisory board that created Washington State’s Home Inspector laws.

In his leadership positions, Rick has had significant influence in creating and maintaining NAHI’s Certified Real Estate Inspector Exam, Rick has held leadership positions with NAHI, and The Washington Home Inspectors Legislative Advisory Group (WHILAG). WHILAG was a coalition of home inspectors who are members of major national home inspectors’ associations, as well as state-affiliated associations and franchises, and independent home inspectors. The coalition was established in 2005. Members are experienced, licensed per current Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) regulations, and are in communication with respective associations and affiliations.

Rick has 34 years of business experience and founded his own home inspection company in 2002. Since then he has inspection thousands of homes for clients. He has done hundreds of forensic inspections and worked with clients/ builders / contractors to resolve the issues found.

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What is an Expert Witness?
An expert witness is a person with special knowledge, experience, wisdom, proficiency, or understanding in a particular subject about which to bear witness. A person is not considered to be an Expert Witness, until they are declared as such by a court. This is why we use the term Litigation Consultant.

Who would need an Expert Witness?
Persons problem solving with particular issues related to either faulty or neglectful work done by a contractor / sub contractor, related to the construction of a building or flawed or careless services. This can also involve negligence or gross negligence provided by a home inspector or real estate agent, or failure to disclose by a seller.

If I have a problem with a Builder or Contractor what should I do?
First and foremost contact your Attorney. Then do not terminate your contractor until advise by the attorney. Second keep an accurate record and timetable of all correspondence and there subject matter. Most of all hire a professional inspector to examine the work, examine all documents, and make a written report of the findings.

What services can I expect from an Expert Witness?
Some of the services an litigation consultant and expert witness provides depend on the type of case. Typically there are several types of complaints that are of a concern to clients, they are; defects or deficiencies, deviations from plans and specifications, punch list items not addressed, claims of lien, delay and warranty problems. A expert can review all of the contract documents, do a full evaluation of the property and render an opinion with written reports, pictures, calculate a dollar figure for cost to correct items and testify in court. Each case must be taken individually.

How much does this cost?
Litigation Consultant charges, are a fee per hour plus travel and related expenses. Currently Rick Bunzel charges $125 per hour plus expenses (Travel, Lodging, etc.), this is for non court or deposition time. Once declared an Expert Witness or for depositions the per hour fee will adjust to $200 per hour, plus expenses. All litigation related work will require a retainer. The average retainer fee is $1,500 to $2500

Litigation Consultant & Pre acceptance review of case
Many times attorneys want to know if they have a defendable case before the process starts. We can review the issue at hand and give you an informed opinion as to the merit of the case. For this type of work we require all available documents. Our fees for this type of work will start at $600. In some instances the fee for this service might be higher, depending on the complexity of the issues at hand.