Shame – Page #1 New & Existing Homes
Shame – Page #2 Furnace fireplace, chimney and roof issues


There is a reason that plumbers are expensive. They usually have to undo all the homeowner work!!!!

Plumbing vents are for sewer gases, the stinky stuff, but this homeowner decided it would work for the bath fans also. Guess what smell will work they way into the bathrooms when the fans aren’t on????The trap is supposed to hold water to prevent sewer gases from coming in to the home. This one was sideways and the right sink wasn’t even connected.
The ultimate in heat recovery. All the warm exhaust stays in the attic. Too bad of the carbon monoxide is bad for you!It looks OK except for the missing P-trap.
From the home of an auto enthusiast. Radiator hoses..Missing P-trap
Car jack holding up garbage disposalExtra drain line plugged into toilet waste line. Unfortunately the brown stuff will flow back into the drain line!
The vent line was in the way so the electrician squished it to make room. Bye Bye airflowParts is Parts!
I noticed the top plate was loose and took a look – burnt wires!!!Count the number of different types of pipes in the picture!
The burning lint will help reduce our energy costs or will the pilot blow out?Serious back draft scorching. This would produce Carbon Monoxide in the home
Listing said “New Water Heater” however it didn’t mention that the owner installed it himself.Which way will the water heater exhaust go when the dryer is on?
It didn’t fit the other way. Yay but I don’t think the manufacturer intended for it to work like this…What happened to my good towels? If you look close the exhaust pipe isn’t lined up with the draft hood Oops!!!
Shame – Page #1 New & Existing Homes
Shame – Page #2 Furnace fireplace, chimney and roof issues