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Furnace, Fireplace and Chimney

 This was a classic bubba installation complete with AC! Super long gas line with a kink at the top. Wonder why it was turned off!!!
This installation is guaranteed to leak. The purpose of the cricket is to direct rain, snow and ice around the chimney. There was no flashing visible so once the water hit the chimney it was going down into the home Rain and animals are welcome!
 The HVAC guys needed some space so the sawzall came out and a truss brace disappeared. Yes, the exhaust gases are corrosive and the pipe will fail over time.
 This setup was a bit unusual but what made it wrong was the bypass line on the right side Furnace vent into attic. Homeowner was worried about the wood getting burnt but not the carbon monoxide!!
 Bubba engineering We had to cut the beam but we duct taped it back in place – good as new. Paper as an insulator and vent in the duct???
 Funky fireplace – I wouldn’t use it!!!This is the exhaust for the furnace directly below a bedroom window


 Something you learn over time is to identify what is missing. In this case a vent pipe that didn’t make it through to the roof lineHere is a plumbing vent
 Kudos for the flashing but they didn’t complete the job. Guess where water will find a gap? Yep, at the top of the V! Oops Flashing ends before the wall does. Where do you think the water
 Roofers decided to quit for the day rather than cut back the shingles Yep, we had a little leak that I fixed…….
 It would be fair to say the chimney is at the end of its life Flashing??? We don’t need no flashing!
 Your chimney needs a bit of work….. This is supposed to run all the way to the firebox….
Shame – Page #1 New & Existing Homes
Shame – Page #3 Plumbing